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Holiday house
Canto degli Alberti Monterchi

CHARME AND RELAIS - COUNTRY HOUSE WITH SWIMMING POOL - PARK - PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA Canto degli Alberti is an old stone country residence which was used as a farmhouse and ...

Arezzo - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Cercignano Colle Di Val D'Elsa

Cercignano farm house is a XVI century villa that nowadays is a national monument, and is placed on a hill, 5 Km far from the medieval village of Colle Val ...

Siena - Tuscany

Bed and Breakfast
La Casetta di Lu Cellarengo

BED AND BREAKFAST IN PIEDMONT, LANGHE - ROOMS - GARDEN - PARKING Hot heart, positive energy between wild nature and basic modern style. Here we are hanging between patient vineyard ...

Asti - Piedmont

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Agnone Molise top
Isernia - Agnone

The City of Agnone extends over a hill of pyroclastic rock coherent, while the modern town is located in the east.Agnone is located 840 meters above sea level, the sour, however, varies from 370 meters of the bottom of the river Verrino, the 1386 Monte Castelbarone and is crossed by ...
Amalfi, the ancient maritime republic
Salerno - Amalfi

 Amalfi is a town of Campania, in the province of Salerno, on the southern coast of the Sorrento peninsula, the famous Amalfi Coast. Amalfi was founded by the Romans in the fourth century A. D. and a bishopric from the sixth century, was subject to the Eastern Roman Empire and ...
Art and Culture in Livorno
Livorno - Livorno

 In the hometown of Mascagni, Fattori, Modigliani, Caproni, there are many suggestions that the sights, sounds, colors can inspire in visitors of Livorno. For art lovers, memorable places in Livorno will be particularly intense.First, the Civic Museum "Giovanni Fattori", where works by painters from Tuscany and temporary exhibitions. We also ...
Trip to Volterra
Pisa - Volterra

 Volterra, as well as being justly famous for the production of alabaster, is without doubt one of the most important historical towns of Tuscany. Enclosed within the medieval walls, surrounded by the largest curtain of Etruscan walls bordered by menacing but characteristic erosion of "Cliffs," is spectacular with its standing ...
The mosaics of Piazza Armerina
Enna - Piazza Armerina

 The richest series of late ancient mosaics survived mosaics is in Sicily. Starting from the third century BC will stand large and luxurious villas in the center of large estates, with in real villages. The best known is certainly Piazza Armerina, now in the province of Enna.All the 'work of ...
The Castle of Cafaggiolo
Firenze - Barberino Di Mugello

 Cafaggiolo Castle is located north of Florence, Mugello, an ancient place of origin of the Medici family. And 'one of the great masterpieces of Renaissance architecture, designed by Michelozzo. The original castle dates from the fourteenth century, a time when the fort was the Republic. Cosimo the Elder in 1443 ...
Napoli - Ischia

 Ischia is the largest of the Neapolitan islands, situated at the north-western Gulf of Naples.Almost trapezoidal in shape and is of volcanic nature, culminating in Epomeo, whose last eruption was in 1301.The coasts are jagged, with high walls, alternating with short stretches of beach.We thrive on tourism, which relies on ...
Chieti - Lanciano

 At first the center of the Frentani, then Roman city, Lancaster came to the zenith in medieval times, when its fairs became the most famous and visited the Kingdom of Naples. It 'time to the historic city of Lancaster, which still retains the shops with counter Towers Montana, the source ...
The towers of San Gimignano
Siena - San Gimignano

 The original center of San Gimignano is to be identified in the village, built between Torre and Poggio Montestaffoli. San Gimignano became important when the Bishop of Volterra, we instituted a weekly market, then in 949 was established as a town in 998 and was encircled by walls enclosing a ...
Livorno, art and culture
Livorno - Livorno

 Amedeo Modigliani was born in Livorno and Giovanni Fattori and the Macchiaioli school has found deep reasons of inspiration, thanks to the colors, the atmosphere, the culture, that characterize this coastal city. In the Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, Livorno, are paintings by Tuscan painters of the nineteenth and early twentieth ...
Mantua and Lake Garda
Mantova - Mantova

 The particular arrangement of the city of Mantua, with three lakes, Upper, Middle, and Bottom, and with proper fortifications on the land, made ​​it almost impossible for a long time. Of Etruscan origin, and later annexed by the Gauls, Mantua was later occupied by the Romans, after the collapse of ...
Not only Arena in Verona
Verona - Verona

 Located in the Veneto plain, the town of Verona lies on both banks of the Adige river, on whose left side stood the 'Acropolis, then replaced by a medieval castle. Fortified by Theodoric, Verona has important Roman ruins, two of which are still used and famous around the world, ie ...
Padua, historical
Padova - Padova

 Better known perhaps as the city of St. Anthony, Padua is one of the major Italian cities, marked by 3000 years of history. Patavium, since the fourth century before the coming of Christ, became one of the major cities of the 'Roman Empire. There are many remains of that ancient ...
Pavia historical
Pavia - Pavia

 The name of the Roman era was Ticinum of Pavia, despite its history had taken off from a Ligurian settlement. Only in 49 BC Pavia became a Roman municipality. The fortunes derive from the enviable position of Pavia, near the confluence of the Po river Ticino, which enabled trade with ...
Ravenna historical
Ravenna - Ravenna

  The name of the city of Ravenna derives etymologically from the root "Rabbi," which alludes to the flow of water and the suffix "enna", of Etruscan origin. The land on which stands the city of Ravenna is a lagoon area, which was inhabited, it seems, from 1300 BC The ...
Syracuse and the 'Island of Ortigia
Siracusa - Siracusa

 Syracuse was an ancient Greek colony, founded on the small island of Ortigia, soon extended to the mainland and became one of the major cities of Magna Graecia. When the Greeks, in 'the eighth century BC, began to travel westward in search of new lands, landed on the east coast ...
Urbino and the Fortezza Albornoz
Pesaro e Urbino - Pesaro

 Located in the northern Marches, the hills between the 'mountains and the' Adriatic, between the valleys of Metauro and Foglia, located Urbino, Roman town, one of the most interesting and best preserved historical 's Italy. To give substance to 'ambitious project to make a center of Urbino, not only power, ...
Holidays in Emilia Romagna
Bologna - Bologna

 The land of Emilia Romagna is the land par excellence of the good life, the charming countryside, grapes and producing excellent quality fruit. Also of note is the hospitality of the inhabitants of this magical land, ready to welcome you to make you feel at home, trouble-free environment and a ...
Holidays in Marche, Marche farmhouse
Ancona - Ancona

 Le Marche, characterized by a plural noun, which indicates the fragmentation of history, to deepen in our section of the same name, presents a delightful and rugged territory, offering sea, countryside, mountains and cities. The history of the Marche region runs parallel to that of the Papal States, from whom ...
Ragusa - Modica

 Modica, Province of Ragusa, stands on some rocky ridges, which are wedged between the rivers Ianni Mauro and Pozzo dei Pruni. Of ancient origins, Modica was inhabited by the Sicilians, then by the Greeks and was therefore subject to the Romans. Also passed to the Byzantines and the Arabs, Modica ...
dei Medici Vinci

Just 35 km from Florence, in tuscan landscape, Ville dei Medici are on silence and sunshine hills where spent a nice and relaxing holiday with good tuscany cousine. Running along a beautiful avenue ...

Florence - Tuscany
Farm holiday
San Leonardello Giarre

Near the sea, on the slope of mount Etna... The farm house, immersed in the countryside of Eastern Sicily, surrounded by an historic biological citrus garden, offers accommodations in restored rural ...

Catania - Sicily
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