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Farm holiday
Antico Casolare San Gimignano

Antico Casolare is a traditional farmhouse dating from 1573 completely renovated respecting the original characteristics of the old Tuscan farmhouses.Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees it is far, from the ...

Siena - Tuscany

Bed and Breakfast
La Casetta di Lu Cellarengo

BED AND BREAKFAST IN PIEDMONT, LANGHE - ROOMS - GARDEN - PARKING Hot heart, positive energy between wild nature and basic modern style. Here we are hanging between patient vineyard ...

Asti - Piedmont

Farm holiday
Terre Bianche Teolo

VENETO FOR YOU! In the Regional Park of Euganean Hills you can find the farmhouse TERRE BIANCHE. It is sets in a panoramic position, in the paceful and natural area. In the pipeline: ...

Padua - Veneto

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Lecce - Lecce

please make evil and think , and make bbene and forgetrn [by google translate] ...
Genoa Aquarium
Genova - Genova

The marvellous Genoa Aquarium is famous throughout the Italian peninsula and beyond, and with good reason. Here you can observe creatures of all types and sizes: big to huge, small to tiny, friendly to ferocious, familiar to unusual, local to exotic. In addition, there are “museum pieces” on exhibit ...
Agnone Molise top
Isernia - Agnone

The City of Agnone extends over a hill of pyroclastic rock coherent, while the modern town is located in the east.Agnone is located 840 meters above sea level, the sour, however, varies from 370 meters of the bottom of the river Verrino, the 1386 Monte Castelbarone and is crossed by ...
Amalfi, the ancient maritime republic
Salerno - Amalfi

 Amalfi is a town of Campania, in the province of Salerno, on the southern coast of the Sorrento peninsula, the famous Amalfi Coast. Amalfi was founded by the Romans in the fourth century A. D. and a bishopric from the sixth century, was subject to the Eastern Roman Empire and ...
Roselle Archaeological Area
Grosseto - Grosseto

In the Roselle Archaeological Area near Grosseto, it is possible to admire the squared, 3-kilometre long stone wall complete with seven portals, presumably built in various epochs, that surrounds the ancient town. In the northern portion of the archaeological area, there are the remains of a Roman amphitheatre, attributable to the ...
Art and Culture in Livorno
Livorno - Livorno

 In the hometown of Mascagni, Fattori, Modigliani, Caproni, there are many suggestions that the sights, sounds, colors can inspire in visitors of Livorno. For art lovers, memorable places in Livorno will be particularly intense.First, the Civic Museum "Giovanni Fattori", where works by painters from Tuscany and temporary exhibitions. We also ...
Catanzaro - Catanzaro

Calabria is a southern region delimited by the Tirrenian Sea and the Ionic Sea. Its Capital is Reggio Calabria, and its provinces are Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone and Vibo Valentia. It was a very important colony for the Greek expansion (Magna Grecia) in the 8th century B.C. . After the second ...
Potenza - Potenza

The region, currently is made up of the Capital Potenza and the provinces of Matera, which is known by the name of Lucania; in fact it was inhabited by the Lucani in the 7th century B.C. During the Roman period it was part of the third roman region under the empire ...
Medieval villages in Livorno
Livorno - Piombino

 Lying on the hills overlooking the sea, or immersed in the countryside, the medieval villages of the Etruscan Coast have ancient historical and cultural traditions.In the province of Livorno, Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri, Suvereto, Campiglia Marittima, Bibbona Sassetta Rosignano Marittimo Piombino Populonia and still retain the testimony of a rich history ...
Napoli - Napoli

Campania is made up of the capital Naples, and of the provinces of Salerno, Avellino, Benevento and Caserta. During the 2nd and 1st millennia B.C. it was inhabited by the Aurunci and the Opici. As most of southern Italy, the region became part of the Magna Grecia, during the greek colonization ...
Medici Chapels
Firenze - Firenze

The Medici Chapels are one of the greatest expressions of Renaissance sculpture and architecture and make up a part of the Mediceo-Laurenziano complex, thus named because it came under Medici sponsorship in the 15th century. Michelangelo’s intent was to dedicate as much to the architecture as to the sculptural aspect ...
Giovanni Verga House
Catania - Catania

Giovanni Verga was a great writer who portrayed Sicily in its raw, generous and tragic aspects as he saw it, and experienced it, from his lucid, attentive and critical point of view.The reality of the sciara, the mine of the unfortunate Rosso Malpelo, the wild and diabolical beauty of the ...
Birthplace of Luigi Pirandello
Agrigento - Agrigento

The great Sicilian writer,who was born on 28 June 1867 in Contrada Caos, Agrigento, and died in 1936 in Rome, made enormous artistic, philosophical and literary contributions to the entire world and was significant in spreading knowledge about his region of birth.Recipient of a Nobel Prize in 1934, he was ...
Di Capua Castle at Gambatesa
Campobasso - Gambatesa

Serrone, which reach toward the Tappino valley was originally an austere, feudal, fortified castle. It was then, during the 16th century, gentrified and transformed into a Renaissance residence for the Di Capua family.This fact of being a residence has kept the castle from falling into disrepair, as so many in ...
Grinzane Cavour Castle
Cuneo - Grinzane Cavour

The great statesman, Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, stayed in this castle for a brief period and, being a passionate enologist, studied new methods of vinification in the land of wine. The imposing castle conserves and displays in a permanent exhibition important mementos connected to the famous Foreign Ministry of ...
Roccascalegna castle
Chieti - Roccascalegna

The imposing mass of this fabulous castle dominates the town of Roccascalegna in the mountain community of dell’Aventino Medio Sangro.It seems to lean out into empty space but rather its has sit solidly since the Norman period (11th-13th centuries) and, after years of decay, it has been beautifully restored and ...
Sarre Castle
Aosta - Sarre

To call the Sarre Castle, the summer residence of the royal house of Savoy for many years, beautiful is almost offensive. The simple and austere exterior is set off by its rich, luminous and sumptuous interiors.On the ground floor, which is open to all, there is a sort of informational ...
Religious culture in Trentino
Trento - Levico Terme

 The church of St. Biagio, near the road-Revò Sanzeno, perched atop a huge rocky cliff, surrounded by deep canyons hundreds of meters.Folk tales, in part documented by archaeological discoveries, have seen this place, the scene of many different events, the existence of a Roman tower, the site of a hospital, ...
Emilia Romagna
Bologna - Bologna

Emilia Romagna is made up of the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, ModenaFerrara, Bologna (the capital), Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini. Inside the territory there is the ==Repubblic of San Marino=?= The Villanoviana civilization, one of the oldest civilizations that inhabited the Italian peninsula, developed in Emilia, a village near Bologna, ...
Roman Forum and archaeological collection
Roma - Roma

This very interesting area can be easily visited. It is possible to admire the Roman Forum, ancient floors, a cistern, and a staircase leading to the Temple to Minerva. ...
Farm holiday
Diacceroni Volterra

Diacceroni Organic Farm consists of three antique country homes immersed in lush Tuscan fields that offers you a vacation get away filled with rest and genuine provincial pleasures. Agriturismo Diacceroni ...

Pisa - Tuscany
Vacation resort
Borgo Sicelle Castellina In Chianti

Borgo Sicelle, originally a small farm typical of the Chianti region, has been restored with care and respect for its original architectural structure.It is in the heart of Tuscany and the perfect ...

Siena - Tuscany
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