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Farm holiday
Diacceroni Volterra

Diacceroni Organic Farm consists of three antique country homes immersed in lush Tuscan fields that offers you a vacation get away filled with rest and genuine provincial pleasures. Agriturismo Diacceroni ...

Pisa - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Casa Aurora Bussolengo

  Casa Aurora is a newly restored rural farmhouse which has adopted a bio architectural atmosphere for those in search of a family environment but at the same time curate and ...

Verona - Veneto

Bed and Breakfast

"Armonia ed Accoglienza" is a Bed and Breakfast accommodation, which unites the comfort and service of a hotel with the warmth and tranquility of a place where the client is ...

Florence - Tuscany

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The DOC wines of Aquileia
Udine - Aquileia

 The beautiful city of Aquileia situated in the plains, to the right of the river Isonzo, example par excellence of the Roman period in the past owing to the role first as a Roman colony and later as the capital of the region, to remember that glorious past, stand the ...
Wines of Abruzzo
L'Aquila - L'Aquila

Ovid wasn’t just a Latin poet, he also had a good “nose” for food and wines. In fact he tells us how much he loved, during the Roman Imperial Age, the vineyards of Pegna valley in the region of Abruzzo. Also the famous wine specialist of San Elpido al Mare, ...
Wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Udine - Udine

Livia Drusilla, an elderly Roman patrician, once said that the secret to her longevity was that she drank Pacinum wine from the Timavo area. The Friulian wine with its ancient and noble tradition, together with a well developed wine region, with great lands, make an exellent combination for success. ...
Wine in Lazio.
Frosinone - Frosinone

The most important wine areas in the region are Frosinone, Viterbo and Castelli Romani. The region of Lazio has a good wine tradition, which derived from the Greek presence and was strengthen by the Latin descent in the region. The typical vines of the area are Malavasia Bianca di ...
Wines of Molise
Campobasso - Campobasso

  There is no historical information relevant to viticulture in the Molise region in ancient times. Yet the region is hilly and well exposed, so we would expect a good view of the wine production; In fact Veronelli known that quite a sector development has been observed since the last ...
Wine in Piedmont
Torino - Torino

Piedmont is definitely a region for wine: good quality and great quantity. Its wine tradition goes back to the Romans, and has followed the political situation of its territory since. As Piedmont played a very important role in the unification of Italy, also the work of the growers and ...
Wines in Trentino
Trento - Trento

The wine tradition in Trentino Alto Adige is as ancient as the population of the Illiri, who, from the nearby Balkan regions, came and inhabited this territory in the 1st millennium B.C..The great Goethe, when passing through Alto Adige, said that he was amazed by the beauty of the vineyards ...
Wines in Veneto
Verona - Verona

Already in the 7th century B.C., thanks to the Etruscan civilization, wine was considered like gold in Veneto.During the Roman period the cultivation of vines and production of wine started to grow tremendously.A wine that was produced at the time, and is still in commerce today, is Retico. All ...
Emilian and Romagna wines
Bologna - Bologna

An old saying goes, “If you want to know if you are in Emilia or Romagna just ask for a drink. If they offer you a glass of water, then you’re in Emilia, if they give you a glass of wine, you’re in Romagna. Actually, the hospitality that you find ...
Wines of Umbria
Terni - Orvieto

 Umbria is a region of considerable interest for the cultivation of the vine and three wines in particular are well established in the Italian: Torgiano White, Red and Torgiano Sagrantino di Montefalco. Among the most important and ancient wine centers in the region, reported Torgiano and Castle Gryphon. The most ...
Wines from Basilicata
Potenza - Rionero In Vulture

The Lucani, for a fact, were the first ones who cultivated vines in this region, even if in the past archaeological interpretations were in disagreement upon this subject. For sure, the inhabitants have done a great job in such cultivation, establishing a robust tradition. Also the famous satirical poet, ...
Wines in Calabria
Crotone - Ciro'

Who was Enotrio? If you take a good look at the name, you will see that it is formed by the root word ‘eno-‘, which means wine. Enotrio was the legendary Arcadian prince, founder of Enotria, the first Greek colony in Italy in the region of Calabria. This is ...
Wines in Liguria
La Spezia - Vernazza

This region has always been very open to commerce and cultural exchange, also in a way that has helped the growth of the wine tradition. Unfortunately, the Ligurian territory does not have many open spaces for vast vineyards because of its topography. The best and most common vines are Dolcetto, ...
Wine in Lombardy
Brescia - Brescia

The cultivation of vineyards in Lombardy, excluding the Medieval period, starts with the Romans and is picked up again and enhanced in the 15th century. The best three wine areas are Valtellina, Bresciano and Oltrepo Pavese. In the Bresciano area, very good locations are Franciacorta and the along Lago ...
Wines in Puglia
Bari - Locorotondo

In the times of the East Indian companies, the region of Puglia was considered the “cellar of Europe”, where many civilizations came and got their wines (such as the Romans, Byzantines, Longobards, Normans, Swedish, the Angioini, French and Italians). At least according to Luigi Veronelli. But what about today? ...
Wines in Sicily
Siracusa - Siracusa

This island has always been a perfect place for social and cultural exchange since ancient times, and for this reason its wine tradition has such great roots. In the period of Cesar Augustus, when wine production was very good, Mamertino and other red and white wines were already well known. ...
Tuscan Wines
Siena - Montalcino

The most important family of Tuscan wines is Chianti which is divided into various Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origins (DOCG): Chianti Classico, Chianti (generic), Chianti from the Colli Aretini (Arezzo hills), Colli Fiorentini (Florentine hills), Colli Senesi (Sienese hills), Colline Pisane (Pisa hills), Chianti Montalbano and Chianti Rufina. For red ...
Wines in Valle d’Aosta
Aosta - Aosta

The symbol of crafts and folklore in Valle d’Aosta is the “grolla”, a wooden cup with various spouts around it so that everybody could taste wine from the same cup, passing it from hand to hand. If wine has always been a synonym of friendship, here in Valle d’Aosta ...
Wine in the Marches
Ancona - Ancona

The region of the Marches has a very good wine tradition, thanks to the presence of the Etruscan civilization that helped develop the production and diffusion of the region’s wine. Ancient historians and naturalist praised the local wines, especially the ones in the areas of Piceno and Ancona. Between the ...
Wines in Campania
Avellino - Avellino

It seems that the Falerni, an ancient population that inhabited the Cosertano area, were the first ones who produced Falerno wine. The ancient vintage wine was also acclaimed for its excellence by the Latin writer Plinio (the elder) and Marziale. The grandfather of wine still exists, but next to him, ...
Farm holiday
Le Piagge Quarrata

 The organic holiday farm Le Piagge is located on the hills of Quarrata and its territory extension is twenty hectares mixed wooden and olive gove. The production is mainly top ...

Pistoia - Tuscany
Farm holiday
Gli Alberelli Acquapendente

A farmhouse  immersed  in the nature-  Farm holiday Viterbo - swimming pool - solarium - apartments - parking - equitation at 2,5 km After an accurate restructuring of the hamlet Donna ...

Viterbo - Latium
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