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Farm holiday
Antico Casolare San Gimignano

Antico Casolare is a traditional farmhouse dating from 1573 completely renovated respecting the original characteristics of the old Tuscan farmhouses.Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees it is far, from the ...

Siena - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Sant' Ippolito Pomarance

Overlooking a very extensive wooded countryside in the south of central Tuscany (the Maremma) the Villa Sant?Ippolito is surrounded by untouched mediterranean bush ?macchia?, as far as the eye can see, 500 mt ...

Pisa - Tuscany

Casa Rosa Firenze

 The hill of Bellosguardo, just outside Florence, has preserved its nature and architecture since the times of Dante and the Medicis.Even today, ancient villas with parks and gardens immortalized in ...

Florence - Tuscany

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Abruzzo by car
Teramo - Teramo

Teramo offers a lot to visitors such as the city and the countryside. The city is situated under the “Gran Sasso of Italy” mountain and between the Tordinno and Vezzola rivers. In the city the masterpieces of Nicola di Guardiagrele and Jacobello del Fiore can be found in the beautiful ...
Calabria by car
Crotone - Crotone

The traces of the Greek colonization during the 1st millenium B.C. are very important for their historical, cultural, artistic and folkloristic value. The region of Calabria is full of archaeological remains such as temples, monuments, buildings, tombs, walls, boundary stones, marketplaces and all that was built during the union between ...
Art cities in the Pianura Padana
Cremona - Cremona

Brescia, Cremona, Pavia, Lodi and Mantova, located between the region of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto forming the huge triangle that comprises the Pianura Padana (the largest plain in Italy), are all cities full of art.Brescia, the “Lioness of Italy”; Cremona, the city of the Torrazzo, commonly called the torrone ...
From Saluzzo to Pian del Re
Cuneo - Cuneo

From Saluzzo, an old and splendid marquisate, we go about the valley of the Po river to seek out and explore the beauties that accompany this great river up to its source on the summit of Monviso mountain. After a few kilometres, in the municipality of Revello, we find the ...
Emilia Romagna by car
Piacenza - Piacenza

The Emilian roadway and the Po waterway are the two great ways that cross the region. As we follow the first one, called highway 9, it will lead us through most of the major cities in the region of Emilia. From Piacenza to Firenzuola of Arda, down to Parma; then ...
Friuli Venezia Giuli by car
Udine - Cividale Del Friuli

In the central area of Friuli, you may taste wonderful wines and gastronomic specialties. This area was badly damaged during the earthquake of 1976 (4 May), but thanks to the citizens and to their good will this part of the region has been reconstructed, and is pleasant to visit. They ...
Valle d' Aosta by car
Aosta - Aosta

Right from the entrance to the valley, at Pont Saint Martin, looking at the mountainside that seems to get steeper along the way, you will start to see the beautiful castles that overlook the valley. In ancient times, the dangers of an invasion would have come from this very spot. ...
Veneto by car
Treviso - Conegliano

The exquisite Prosecco D.O.C. is produced in these generous lands, on the gentle hills of the Prosecco, between Piave and Livenza.Conegliano is like a jewel: a small jewel full of art (it is the birthplace of Giovan Battista Cima and there is a permanent exposition dedicated to him in the ...
Between Sapri and Rivello
Potenza - Rivello

Sapri is a beautiful city, worthy of being seen inside and out. Students remember this city’s name because of the poem of the “spigolatrice”, which takes place during the Italian Risorgimento with the expedition of Carlo Pisacane (and his expedition of Sapri) and his 300 men who “were young and ...
Sicily by car
Siracusa - Pachino

This stretch of coast brings you to the extreme south of Sicily, in the municipality of Pachino. You’ll find yourself in an area which was influenced by the Greek culture and it is still imprinted in the various dialects, races and histories that have come through this part of the ...
Apulia by car, 2
Bari - Trani

Trani, Bisceglie, Minervino Murge, Andria, Ruvo di Puglia -- all of these towns have something in common: their beautiful surroundings, history, archaeological sights and cultural background. All together it will take you approximately a week to visit them. In the town of Andria you have to see Castel del Monte: ...
Apulia by car
Foggia - Lucera

The Dauno area, at the foot of the Apennine mountains.The region of Puglia is so stretched out that it will take a long time to go all around it; but on the other hand, it’s a beautiful region, full of places to see that are worth the effort. The suggested ...
Molise by car
Campobasso - Campobasso

These two locations are in the region of Molise, important centres for the valley of Biferno, and are associated because of their beautiful cathedrals. The twon of Termoli offers the visitor beautiful seaside and hospitality structures, and is also filled with monuments to see. The cathedral was built during ...
Marche by car
Ancona - Ancona

The itinerary touches some of the most important locations near Ancona, in the region of the Marches. It runs along the vineyards, hills, Roman cities and industrial centres. The source of the river Verdicchio di Capramontana, is located at 500 meters elevation, surrounded by marvellous hills near the town ...
Lucania by car
Potenza - Melfi

The territory of Vulture is very well known for its wine. A famous one is the “Aglianico”. This region contains history, tradition, colours and taste. It is fascinating for its vulcanic rocks and underground rivers that spurt out from the ground as geysers in the areas of Rapolla and Atella. ...
Liguria by car
Imperia - Imperia

The Fiori coast, located in the western area of Liguria, is known especially for its wonderful shore line locations that have become a symbol for refined tourism, such as Albenga, Alassio, Ventimiglia, Sanremo.The coast and the islands of the provinces of Imperia and Savona also have various historical and archaeological ...
Lazio by car
Roma - Roma

The very prestigious wine area is made up of many of Rome’s provinces (Frascati, Grottaferrata, Marino, Castelgandolfo, Albano, Nemi, Ariccia, Genzano, Lanuvio, Velletri, Lariano, Monte Compatri, Monte Porzio Catone, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora) The territory is a part of the Roman castle national park, and its soil is of ...
Sardinia by car
Olbia-Tempio - Aggius

The chosen itinerary is absolutely gorgeous, full of unique landscapes. The area that we will be going through has many historic monuments, prehistoric artefacts and sites, all characterized by the region’s folklore. Towns like Sennori and Sorso, from where you may admire the northern coast of Gallura, near Castelsardo, ...
Farm holiday
Fattoria il Praticino Castelfranco Di Sopra

The farm is located inside a biologically sensitive and environmentally protected area in the centre of Tuscany and a triangle of artistically blessed towns (Florence 38 km, Arezzo 40 km, ...

Arezzo - Tuscany
Farm holiday
Montioni Sovicille

Located within the Senesi and Maremma hills, the resort is in the centre of tuscany in proximity to the axis road Siena-Grosseto: this makes it easy to reach quickly the ...

Siena - Tuscany
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