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Farm holiday
Cigliano Gubbio

13 ha. Farm Property of Giovanni De Agazio Altitude: 519 m. - Sleeping arrangements: 18 beds 5 bathrooms - 2 kitchens - 1 dining-room - ample space for ...

Perugia - Umbria

Farm holiday
La Volpaia Passignano Sul Trasimeno

FARMHOUSE TRASIMENO LAKE - FARM HOLIDAYS IN UMBRIA The Agriturismo "La Volpaia", only 1 km away from Passignano sul Trasimeno, is immersed in the splendid nature of Umbria.Is on the hillside ...

Perugia - Umbria

Farm holiday
Il Termine Montelupo Fiorentino

Il Termine agritourist farm is located in the Fiorentine hills, in the heart of Tuscany in the municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino, known for ceramics and glass, and just a short ...

Florence - Tuscany

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Trekking in Abruzzo
L'Aquila - Civitella Alfedena

The small town of Civitella Alfedana counts only 300 inhabitants.These people actually live in the heart of Abruzzo’s National Park.It’s amazing how the people of the village have been able to create such a balance between protection of the natural environment that surrounds them and their social and economic development. ...
Trekking in Lombardy
Varese - Varese

Inside the park of the Ticino (34 acres), you will find the forest of Negri, where 37 different species of birds live. The trail inside the forest (easy and suitable even for children) is perfect for an excursion in nature. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear the various sounds ...
Trekking in Molise
Campobasso - Campobasso

Sant’Angelo in Grotte is a municipality in the province of Campobasso and is a part of the mountain community of Matese. The elevation of this location (1000 m) and its surrounding forests and relaxed environments make it one of the best places to let your mind clear and your soul ...
Trekking in Apulia
Taranto - Taranto

For a city to be on the sea is quite special and quite advantageous. Just think of a town having two! In Taranto you have the great sea and the small sea. Tradition tells us that the Spartans were the ones who founded this city and that they inhabited the ...
Walking in the Valle D'Aosta
Aosta - Cogne

 The Gran Paradiso National Park, the first Italian national park was established in 1922, has a very wide choice of routes for hikers, ranging from the trip for the whole family (including wheelchair) climbing proper, until 'sixth-grade Alpine peaks of the Gran Paradiso. The trails are marked and equipped in ...
Mount Pellegrino of Palermo
Palermo - Palermo

This area is very particular for its natural, historic – archaeologic, religious, geologic and spelaeologic interests. You will find the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, patroness of Palermo, who lived in the 12th century and is venerated with great devotion by the people in the region’s capital. There are a total ...
Walk for the Veneto
Treviso - Treviso

 The water that is fascinating, a symbol and giver of life, not just that of the Sile River, along whose banks the ancient inhabitants of the Veneto had erected their stilts, but it is also one of the springs, which in Treviso ring 'fountain' , craters which are alive and ...
Trekking in Calabria
Catanzaro - Albi

The wilderness of Calabrias National Park comprises one of the summits of the “Aspromonte”, a place where, if explored with particular attention, you may find beautiful and solitary rare birds and wild animals. Between rocky cliffs and forests of beech, chestnut, turkey oak trees, blackpine and larch you have ...
Trekking in campania
Salerno - Padula

The town of Padula is located in the Cilento and valley of Diano park (700 m in elevation).The town is the birthplace of the famous police man Joe Petrosino (there is a permanent exposition in town dedicated to him). The town is very interesting to visit, not only for the ...
Lucca - Stazzema

Difference is elevation: about 350 m; time: about 1 hour 15 min.; difficulty: easy day-trip. The Apuan area of Monte Forato, Monte Nona and Monte Procinto offers a great variety of hikes for all tastes. The particular whiteness of the rocks, together with the nearness to the sea, make the panorama ...
Several routes along the Trentino
Trento - Trento

 You can let your children know the Trentino. There are endless routes for hiking in the Trentino. In every corner of the territory, there are routes suitable for those who want to make a simple walk, and for those who have a good athletic training. You can always find several ...
Trekking in emilia Romagna
Ravenna - Ravenna

The territory of Ravenna offers beautiful protected areas, best for excursions in nature and animal watching, and monumental forests that seem to touch the sky. Some areas are recommended, such as the Vena of the Romagnoli with the Carné park, the valley of Mandriole, the oasis of Pietramora or of ...
Ttrekking in Friuli
Gorizia - Gorizia

The two very rare ponds of Doberdo of Pietrarossa are small, but very important for geological and naturalist purposes. In fact, they are part of the regional nature reserve (of the Dobero and Pietrarossa ponds), a protected area that includes 730 acres, established in 1996 to protect these two very ...
The viewpoint from the Monte Lema
Varese - Varese

 From the top of Mount Lema, it is remarkable to observe and easily distinguish the small towns of Val Veddasca compact, embedded firmly along the shelves, above the rocky base, overlooking the deep main valley, crossed by the river gorges of Jonah and the valleys . A crossing easy and ...
The Gigiàt: the mystery of the Valle di Mello
Sondrio - Sondrio

 The Val di Mello is a magical place, surrounded by a veritable sea of ​​granite walls and woods, the ideal place to see the birth of legends about events and fantastic animals. And it is precisely here that the figure of Gigiat. A little 'wild goat, a little' man and ...
In the green heart of Italy
Terni - Orvieto

Along all the upper Tiber valley it is possible to make pleasant excursions, either by foot or on horseback, crossing through magnificent centuries-old woods rich in waterways and historical and archaeological testimonials (Umbran, Etruscan and Roman); the Mountain Community has made available for tourists a map of the territory with ...
Routes to explore the Valley of Sagittarius in Abruzzo
L'Aquila - Villalago

 We are close to the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. The peculiarity of this route is also due to the fact that Villalago is perched atop a mountain, surrounded by a natural landscape, rich in many rivers, waterfalls and five with small lakes, among which the most important ...
Gastronomic tours in the Dolomites in Val di Sole
Trento - Trento

 On the hills of the Dolomites in Val di Sole, will grow to thousands of fruit trees. No need to go far to get a complete picture of the fruit and taste the flavors: a sign, in the Dolomites in Val di Sole, there is "World Melinda," a kind of ...
Routes in Abruzzo
Chieti - Chieti

 In the Maiella National Park, La Reserve is a place where you can find a natural way of life, in harmony with the landscape. In contact with the ground and generous friend, full of water and sludge from the therapeutic properties of green and fresh air, it is easy to ...
Trekking in Tuscany
Firenze - Firenze

There are numerous possibilities for hiking and walks in Tuscany. From simple city tourism, in search of metropolitan beauty or in the areas surrounding Florence (the nearby hills, Fiesole and Settignano are excellent), as well as Siena or Arezzo, to more demanding or equipped routes. In this regard, we can ...
Farm holiday
Fattoria di Radi Monteroni D'Arbia

The Villa and the medieval Village of Radi, that belongs to the the Bichi Ruspoli Forteguerri family from 1500, set in a splendid panoramic and sunny position in the CHIANTI ...

Siena - Tuscany
Holiday house
La Fonte Pescaglia

The house is chalet style, made of wood and stone, very pretty and with its own swimming pool. It is situated in the green hills of Luccesia, to the north ...

Lucca - Tuscany
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