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Farm holiday
Podere Albereto Greve In Chianti

Villa Albereto is situated at 13 km from Florence, facing the valley that appears  on San Pole in Chianti, surrounded by forests, olive trees and vineyards, with three hundred meters ...

Florence - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Bellofatto Torella Dei Lombardi

The Bellofatto estate is situated in the area around the town of Torrella dei Lombardi, in the greenery of Irpinia. It is about 600 m. above the sea level. Situated ...

Avellino - Campania

Holiday house
Villa San Martino Pescaglia

The house is situated a few kilometres from the seaside and from the historical centre. Its good geographic position allows you to immerse in the wonderful green of the hills ...

Lucca - Tuscany

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The vineyards of the Langhe
Asti - Asti

 This beautiful hill country of the 'north-west Italy, which lies mostly in Piedmont, Monferrato and caresses the Ligurian Alps, between the valleys of the Tanaro and Bormida Spino. The region owes its name to the series of thin ridges caused in part by the water, able to dig this dense ...
The Lake Maggiore, Verbania in Varese
Verbania - Verbania

 Second largest lake d 'Italy, near the Alpine range, stretching from Lake Maggiore Ticino at Sesto Calende up, making the border between the provinces of Varese and one of Verbania. Favored by a mild climate and excellent facilities with accommodation is extremely popular tourist destination, it is also possible to ...
The park of the monsters in Bomarzo
Viterbo - Bomarzo

 Bomaderry is a small village situated on top of a tufa rock not far from Viterbo. And 'typical of these places, the nature of this place. But the town of Bomaderry is known to all for the fantastic Monster Park located approximately one mile away from the center of town. ...
State Nature Reserve of Furlo Canyon.
Pesaro e Urbino - Pesaro

A territory of about 3600 hectares of great naturalistic, historical and archaeological value. Among the rocky banks of the Candigliano river between the Paganuccio and Pietralata mountains, the riversare full of cyprinoids and salmonoids, which nourish the Metauro. This gorge, formed thousands of years ago, was first used ...
Nature reserve of the Isonzo river mouth.
Gorizia - Gorizia

The Isonzo river evokes memories of the great war, also because it is immortalized by the Italian poet, Giuseppe Ungaretti, who in his lyric “I Fiumi” (“The Rivers”) writes about the Isonzo waters, where tired and stranded by war, he tries to find his forgotten past. This beautiful river is ...
Lampedusa park
Agrigento - Lampedusa E Linosa

Lampedusa is an old gift from Africa to Italy, a small piece of land of wilderness and beauty, which has been safeguarded by the region of Sicily through the establishment this park in 1996, especially to protect its southern coast. An area of 320 hectares of coast and land which ...
Natural reserve of Pesche
Isernia - Pesche

Pesche is a municipality in the province of Iserna, founded in the 8th century around a feud, of which today there are only some remains, and developed into a small village that was politically involved with the abbey of Montecassino until the 15th century. This national reserve of Pesche ...
Natural reserve of Orientata Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo
Isernia - Isernia

The reserve, established in 1971, is made up of 350 hectares of hills and forest areas (Montemeluccio), plus another 200 hectares of centenary forest trees (Montedimezzo). The area is located in the central southern Apennine mountains, in the province of Iserna. It was in the 16th century that a noble ...
Alpe della Luna Provincial Nature Riserve
Arezzo - Badia Tedalda

The L’Alpe della Luna which divide the upper Tuscan Valtiberina from the val Marecchia, thanks to a scarce human presence and woods in good condition, can be considered to have a high level of naturalness. The beech and hardwood forests and spacious meadows are characterized by rare plant species in ...
Pisa - Volterra

The valley, which owes its name to the river Era that flows from the Volterra hills, passes through this valley and terminates at Pontedera. The area is characterised by a typically Tuscan landscape with alternating plains and centuries-old chestnut woods. Combined with this attractive landscape there are suggestive walled towns, ...
Villa Peyron in Fiesole
Firenze - Fiesole

 The Forest of Villa Peyron Fontelucente is one of the most beautiful villas with garden of 1900 that are in the town of Fiesole. It owes its name to the presence of a lush forest from which emerges with all its gardens' Italian, developed on three terraces sloping down towards ...
Pistoia - Pescia

This suggestive fraction of the municipality of Pescia, known for having given the writer Carlo Lorenzini the pseudonym Collodi, extends along a steep hill making the village appear like a waterfall of houses. Long fought over by the cities of Florence and Lucca, it became dominion of this ...
Caves in Umbria
Perugia - Assisi

 In Umbria are counted more than 600 caves, about thirty of these are open partially or completely, if properly guided, even by the first caving experience. The show is always unique, galleries, large or small rooms characterized by the presence of many concretions, stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and sails. . Each ...
Canyoning (Canyoning) in Umbria
Perugia - Assisi

 The canyoning is an excursion on foot aquatic and swimming in the deep canyons and gorges crossed by small streams: pure fun for water lovers and emotion. The descent involves, according to the characteristics of the path, jumps and slides of rocks in natural pools and possibly the use of ...
Wind Cave
Lucca - Vergemoli

Set within the Apuan Alps natural park, this is one of the most complete cave systems in Europe. A visit is particularly informative for both the variety of formations present and for the competence of the guides.The caves are well equipped, illuminated and easy walkways make the visit possible, showing ...
Grotto of Marina of Maratea
Potenza - Maratea

The Carsic grotto of Marina of Maratea has small dimensions but great beauty. To access it, you just have to turn of from highway 19, because the grotto is right under it. The grotto is alive and exploring it gives you the sensation of discovering the secrets of the ...
Giagantic grotto of Friuli
Trieste - Sgonico

When a town gets its name from an important person or a natural phenomenon, it means that whatever it is has to be big. What would you say of an entryway so big that even Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome could fit inside without a scratch?Well, this is the size ...
The grottos of Bue Marino and Ispinigoli.
Nuoro - Dorgali

Both grottos are of great beauty and interest, not only for geologists, speleologists, historians and palaeontologists, but also for the common visitor.The grotto of the Bue Marino (once a shelter for the very rare monk seal) is situated in the Orosei gulf and has two independent entryways: one from inland ...
Grottos of Cavallone
Chieti - Taranta Peligna

We’re only talking about one grotto, yet it has a tremendous speleological value for studies and can also be visited just inside the park of Majella. You will find an uncontaminated, intact and wild territory. Thanks to a cableway you can get to the colossal entrance of the grotto, ...
Grottos of Castellana
Bari - Castellana Grotte

The inhabitants of Castellana used this mysterious chasm for years as a place to throw their refuse: the long silence between throwing it and its arrival on the bottom of the chasm gave shivers to the people who thought about how deep it could be and what secret laid at ...
Farm holiday
La Volpaia Passignano Sul Trasimeno

FARMHOUSE TRASIMENO LAKE - FARM HOLIDAYS IN UMBRIA The Agriturismo "La Volpaia", only 1 km away from Passignano sul Trasimeno, is immersed in the splendid nature of Umbria.Is on the hillside ...

Perugia - Umbria
Bed and Breakfast
I Glicini Montemurlo

The I Glicini bed & breakfast is located in a completely restored, typical, 17th-century Tuscan farmhouse, furnished in style and offering modern conveniences. Here, you’ll find a friendly and ...

Prato - Tuscany
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